Advance Skin Care

Treat yourself with specialized advanced skin care facials. Personalized care is combined with advanced techniques and expert advice to give you the perfect facial every time. After a detailed consultation and full skin analysis we will customize a skin care program especially tailored to meet your needs.

Our unique facials are performed with Ultrasound, LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent Rejuvenation devices to enhance and improve skin conditions depending on individual needs.

LED Light Therapy is the latest technology in skin care! Particular wavelengths of light have a positive effect on the body's ability to repair tissue. Flaws such as fine lines, enlarged pores, coarse skin, skin laxity, age spots, uneven pigmentation, acne, dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, hyper and hypo pigmentation, sun spots, under eyes circles and rosacea are some of the skin conditions that can be treated and greatly improved. It also stimulates circulation, improves lymphatic function, increases cell regeneration and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Ultrasound is a widely sought-after spa treatment with numerous benefits. Ultrasonic waves stimulate skin tissue, increase product absorption and improve permeability of the membrane to boost collagen tissue and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin silky smooth. It also has a lifting effect on the skin resulting in a younger and healthy appearance. Ultrasound creates deep heating of the tissue below the skin which increases blood flow, relax muscles, facilitate lymphatic flow and also break down subcutaneous fat.

Leave behind conventional facials and let us take care of your priceless skin with our advanced and innovative skin care facials!