Skin Care for Men

It is often thought that cosmetic treatments are the domain of women alone. But not anymore!

The face is what people will remember most. And looking well groomed and confident will make a good first impression or a great lasting one.

Men have different skin care needs which are the reason why our facials are specifically formulated for their requirements.

These are often shaving-related such as razor burn and ingrown hairs, or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness or rough skin due to spending time in the great outdoors. We also provide facials that are tailored to acne, excessive sweating, pollution and skin conditions related to aging.

Deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, toning, moisturizing and facial, neck, and shoulder massages are included during any of our men’s facials. Our signature hot towels are also used, as well as different non greasy and non scented masks and moisturizers for each individual’s needs. Our unique facials are performed with ultrasound, high frequency and LED Light Therapy with Microcurrent. These Rejuvenation Devices help to enhance and improve skin conditions depending on individual needs.

Having skin that is clean, healthy and with great elasticity is the key to looking good and feeling even better.

Men may need to schedule a series of facial treatments to see optimal results.

Men's Energizing Facial

Indulge yourself with this carefully designed facial treatment to deep cleanse, exfoliate, treat and uplift your skin using rich and powerful antioxidants that will defend cellular structure of the skin against premature aging to preserve an active and youthful look. It will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and energized.

Men's Anti Aging Facial

This intense treatment targets common problem areas around the eyes and lips, hydrating and reducing puffiness. It also stimulates blood circulation to increase oxygen to the cells. This improves collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance. Using natural based products from France your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and nourished and your complexion will be youthful, refreshed and revitalized.

Deluxe Eye Treatment

Add an extra boost of anti-aging and oxygenating nourishment to this delicate area.

Men's Detoxifying Back Treatment

This treatment provides particular attention to the needs of the skin on your back. Your treatment begins with a detoxifying exfoliation to reveal a renewed and smoother skin. This is followed by the application of a re-balancing gel and a purifying Marine Algae Mask which draws out impurities to further improve skin condition. While you are relaxing receive a complimentary head massage. Conclude your treatment with a revitalizing and nourishing moisturizer.