Waxing Hair Removal for Men

A Men Hair-Free Look is the look IN of nowadays! While male body hair is often seen as a sign of virility, new age men shun the thick hair that covers their frames. As a result, more men are getting rid of unwanted hair on their full body and love the hairless look on them; even though chest and back hair has long been unwanted by some, other areas like the legs and pubic area are becoming new frontiers for men to explore.

As men become more aware of the importance of appearances, the growing trend of men’s body waxing, male brazilian hair removal and eyebrow shaping escalates. Brazilian waxing being one of the most popular gives you that hot nude look that men and women care for.

Shaving can’t provide the more effective and lasting reduction of unwanted hair like waxing can. Waxing hair removal makes the skin look firmer and more toned. The effects last longer than shaving leaving your skin smooth for weeks. New hair does not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks, although the hair growth depends on the hair and skin type. Plus, unlike shaving, hair that does re-grow after waxing is softer, weaker and finer.

Our BB&S’ expert provides customized solutions for your hair removal in a professional, clean and comfortable ambience.

We use premium quality waxes, which makes your hair removal experience more comfortable. Our varieties of hot and hard waxes are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. We are confident that we can offer you the best and the latest in wax technology and that it will be done right.

Eyebrow Grooming

Men’s eyebrows are something of a phenomenon. This delicate area of thick and delicate banks of hairs, destined to keep the rain and sweat from our eyes, have always been a major feature in defining the face. In determining sexual vitality (or even genetic faults) eyebrows are especially important.

Properly shaped eyebrows frame your face and improve your overall appearance. The key to masculine eyebrows is to follow the natural eyebrow line as closely as possible. Uni-brows and stray hairs should be corrected to help you look your best.

Here we will give you the masculine eyebrow shape for the man of today.


Nose Hair Removal

Nose waxed just enough so your visible nostril looks clean and in shape.


Ear Hair Removal

Keep your ears hair-free for weeks.


Neck & Shoulders Hair Removal

Both areas waxed nice and tidy especially in summer months when you like to be shirt-less.


Under Arm Hair Removal

It is great for a neat look. It is a very quick procedure. When waxed consistently the hair grows back less densely and you will notice a reduction in hair growth after continuing waxing.


Arms Hair Removal

This wax will keep your arms looking and feeling good.

Chest Hair Removal

Male chest hair waxing is on the rise in popularity to create a smoother skin look and a more attractive body image. It enhances your muscle definition.

Stomach Hair Removal

Many men opt to wax their body hair for hygienic purposes since hair can trap sweat, dirt and odour.

It is an easy and safe solution for unwanted stomach hair. It will give you a smooth-skin "look and feel".

Back & Shoulders Hair Removal

It is extremely common all year round but especially in summer time. This includes shoulder and neck wax. Your skin will feel smooth for weeks.

Bikini Line Hair Removal

It is the waxing removal of the hair outside the panty line. It is great to tidy up before wearing a Bikini.

Brazilian Hair Removal

Once you make the move from shaving to waxing you will never look back, as waxing is so much more effective and long lasting, without all the negative side effects of shaving. It includes male genitalia and cleft space between buttocks areas. Many men opt to wax their body hair for hygienic purposes since hair can trap sweat, dirt and odour.

Male Brazilian waxing can contribute to making the area cleaner and visually better.

Buttocks Hair Removal

Full cheeks and cleft space between them are now the new standard and an integral part of male grooming routines for hygienic purposes.

Leg Hair Removal

It is a great option for men who are into sports: athletes, gym, body builders or for any man who wants to get rid of hair and have a smooth and clean look.

Feet & Toes Hair Removal

You feet will have a clean and fresh look.